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STELLA Detlev am 21.10.2019

Stella hat einen Traumkörper: eine tolle Figur, glatte und straffe Haut, schöne Füße sowie ein hübsches Gesicht und schöne Haare. Sie kleidet sich zugleich sexy und stilvoll. Sie wirkt eher zurückhaltend, aber nicht distanziert. Die Intensität ihrer Massage steigert sich von sanft zu erregend. Optisch und gefühlsmäßig ein Genuss! Komme gerne wieder.

Lena Klaus am 14.10.2019

in der Setcard von Lena gibt es keine Bilder ohne Kleidung.
So war es heute mehr ein Blind-Date.
Lena ist (ohne Kleidung) eine außergewöhnlich hübsche Frau mit vollen natürlichen Brüsten und einer wahnsinnig erotischen Ausstrahlung.
Sie bleibt sehr zurückhaltend, distanziert und schüchtern.
Bei der Massage ist Sie warmherzig und sanft, aber es bleibt eine Distanz, Unberührbarkeit zwischen ihr und dem Gast, daß der erotische Funken nur gelegentlich überspringen mag.
Vielleicht braucht Sie noch ein wenig Zeit um in Ihrer neuen Rolle anzukommen.
Viel Glück !

Massage with Alexandra Carlos am 05.10.2019

Wow. just Wow.
I may have found my new favourite.

Stunning shower together, she was both sexy and funny.
Her Massage was just amazing, and the final titjob was just perfection.

can’t wait to come back in december.

Jasmin Marco am 01.10.2019

Vielen Dank für diese Sinnliche Wunder schöne Massage ????????????????❤️

LUNA Jan am 28.09.2019

Thanks for the appointment with lovely Luna. She is a very nice girl with great behaviour. I hope to meet her again soon.

Elina & Agatha Don Honda am 04.09.2019

Vielen Dank Euch 2 für die tolle Massage.
Das mache ich bestimmt wieder 2 Damen hintereinander.
Die 2 sind beide auf ihre Art was besonderes. Schade das Elina Ende der Woche geht, vielleicht bekomme ich es ja noch hin.

Raluca Georg am 30.08.2019

Ich war heute bei Raluca und muss sagen es war wunderschön. Sie ist sehr hübsch und sehr nett. Die Massage und alles was dazugehört macht sie sehr gut und ich lasse mich gerne bei ihr fallen.
Danke für die wunderschöne Zeit mit dir Raluca.

Sofia Stefan D. am 29.08.2019

Sofia ist nicht mehr bei den Frauen dabei.

Kommt sie bald wieder?

War eine tolle Frau.

Massagen Secret Service am 31.08.2019

Hallo Stefan!
Wenn Sofia zurück ist, wird ihr Profil auf der Webseite wieder da.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sandra Thomas am 17.08.2019

Hallo! Ich Besuche immer Secret Massage und ich kenne viele tolle Damen . Ich war mit einer neuen Dame , die Sandra. Sie sieht gut aus und hat sehr schöne Brüste und sehr heißen Body . Vielen Dank für deine super intensive Massage zum Mittag!

Alexandra A. am 30.07.2019

I visited the secret service massage studio today. Great experience overall; here’s how it went:

I got the address and was faces with a nondescript plain door. There were a bunch of doorbells there, one of which read „massage“. Using my supernatural power of intuition, I deduced this is the button I should press, and as I did so, a lady wearing a risque black dress walked past me and opened the door. I concluded this must be one of the masseuses, so I followed her in. I had already breached the property when the buzzer rang out uselessly behind me. I followed the lady up the stairs, and through a door labeled „massage“ in tiny letters.

As soon as I walked in, i was ushered quickly to a private room. 3 ladies walked in one after the other to introduce themselves. I decided to go with Alexandra. She was the one I met downstairs.

Alexandra then escorted me to another room where I was to have my massage. There was a large mattress on the floor in the middle of the room, mirrors on the walls at the head of the mattress and to one side, soft lightning and soft lobby-style music. Good ambience.

She quickly explained the scope of the massage and made it very clear a handy will be included. Sounds good boss. Asked for the fee upfront, laid out a towel on the mattress, and told me to make myself comfortable. She then left the room, cash in hand.

All right, we’re doing this. I strip down to my birthday suit and go to lie face down on the mattress. She soon comes in, now also completely nude. Alexandra is a bombshell with a toned body and nice firm tits. I didn’t ask if they were real or not, were good enough for me.

She straddles me and gets down to business. Squirts a bunch of oil onto my back and gets to work, mostly with her hands and arms and now and then sliding her entire body over mine.

After a bit, I decide to turn over, and she continues the same way. she then goes to town on my member, gets a nice rhythm going, until she manages to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube. She grabs a bunch of tissues to clean up and liberally applies some sort of hygiene spray to her hands and myself. She asks me if I want to come again, and I explain we’ll have to see if the little guy is up for it by the end of the massage. She responds that she’ll do her best to convince him. Not really important to me, I was enjoying the massage.

I had booked a 1 hour session. The rest of the massage went much the same way. We chatted throughout the massage talking about our lives. Alexandra can hold a good conversation, is witty and was a pleasure to talk to as she glided her sensuous body over mine. I also asked if I could touch her, which she graciously granted. I was careful to stay respectful, and she had no complaints.

My time was soon up. She asked me if I’d like a shower, presumably with her, which I declined. She then pulled out a towel to wipe off the excess oil and then briefly left the room while I got dressed. She returned in a bit to escort me out of the establishment.

I should note here, I did not see a single other patron during the time I was there; It seems they take great effort to prevent this. I was also not at any point coerced to opt for „Extras“. I paid the fee for the massage listed on the website, and that was it. I was surprised by the professionalism.

Thanks for the great time, Alexandra.

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