Mutual erotic massage

You prefer the interaction with a pretty lady, rather than “only” passively spoiled? With a mutual erotic massage, you have the opportunity to enjoy your chosen massage partner, with all your senses and can hand out yourself. After all, giving is more blessed than taking – and frankly, it feels wonderful to spoil a woman.

Explore the female body, massage wonderful feminine curves, and enjoy how your heart is slowly becoming more and more excited. But, of course, you will not be short on your own and will, like every other erotic massage at Secret Service Frankfurt, receive a wonderful pampering experience. A very special erotic massage experience!

70€ – 30 min
90€ – 45 min
100€ – 60 min
160€ – 90 min
200€ – 120 min
Short-term appointments only by telephone agreement!
+49(0)69 20021172
Please arrange short-term appointments only by phone

Die nachfolgenden Seiten beinhalten eindeutige erotische Inhalte und sind für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.

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