Foot erotic massage

If you have a small or big affection for delicate, well-groomed women feet, we have another erotic massage highlight for you: our erotic foot massage.

Experience the sensual charm of foot eroticism when you are massaged and stroked by ladies feet. Our masseurs pamper you naked, in high heels, in nylons or pantyhose, just as you want! Friends of foot eroticism should not be missed!

70€ – 30 min
90€ – 45 min
100€ – 60 min
160€ – 90 min
200€ – 120 min
Short-term appointments only by telephone agreement!


+49(0)69 20021172
Please arrange short-term appointments only by phone

Die nachfolgenden Seiten beinhalten eindeutige erotische Inhalte und sind für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.

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