Erotic synchronous massage

Connoisseurs appreciate it for a long time. Connoisseurs use them to escape everyday life and immerse themselves in a heavenly dream world: The speech is about a sensual synchronous massage in Frankfurt. Just be spoiled by two pretty masseurs at once? The dream of every man.

At the Secret Service Erotic Massagestudio Frankfurt, this dream comes true for everyone. Let two ladies of your choice, lovingly and in absolute harmony, massage into the seventh heaven. Every single part of your body will thank you and you will be eroticized for weeks.

110€ – 30 min
140€ – 45 min
160€ – 60 min
250€ – 90 min
300€ – 120 min
Short-term appointments only by telephone agreement!
+49(0)69 20021172
Please arrange short-term appointments only by phone

Die nachfolgenden Seiten beinhalten eindeutige erotische Inhalte und sind für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.

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