Erotic prostate massage

The prostate massage is a special experience for the gentlemen. Anyone who has experienced this particular massage technique is usually immediately addicted.

If you do not know it, you have a certain inhibition threshold, but it is absolutely not necessary. In the prostate massage, the man experiences one or even multiple organs of unimagined intensity. Without the lingam being ever touched or erected. For many men a completely new sexual experience!

How is that possible? In a prostate massage the so-called “male G-point” is gently stimulated. This male G-spot is also called the prostate gland and is located in the area of ​​the male. This area is characterized by an extraordinarily high density of nerve endings, which leads to particularly intense emotional experiences.

The masseurin stimulates the area around the pole *** until the guest is sufficiently relaxed, then goes to the internal prostate massage until the guest experiences the absolute highlight. The Prostatamassage Frankfurt is an absolute recommendation for an unprecedented sensation for experimenting men!

90€ – 30 min
110€ – 45 min
120€ – 60 min
180€ – 90 min
220€ – 120 min
Short-term appointments only by telephone agreement!
+49(0)69 20021172
Please arrange short-term appointments only by phone

Die nachfolgenden Seiten beinhalten eindeutige erotische Inhalte und sind für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.

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