Body-to-Body Massage Frankfurt

The erotic body-to-body massage is one of the most popular variants of our range of sensual massages. Feel as a guest all the warmth, security and soothing closeness of your masseur. The sensation of naked skin on naked skin and the gentle pressure of female body parts on yours produce a wonderful erotic tension, while the skilful use of the entire female body lead your body and mind to a state of wonderful relaxation.

With hands, breasts, belly, buttocks, legs and feet, we will spark your desire and let you experience the art of sensual touch close up. Intense tingling eroticism and an unforgettable massage experience are at one Body-to-Body Massage in Frankfurt guaranteed!

70€ – 30 min
90€- 45 min
100€ – 60 min
160€ – 90 min
200€ – 120 min
Short-term appointments only by telephone agreement!
+49(0)69 20021172
Please arrange short-term appointments only by phone

Die nachfolgenden Seiten beinhalten eindeutige erotische Inhalte und sind für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.

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